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God Wants to Call and Equip Kids for Ministry

By Called Web Team | Kids Ministry

God wants to Call kids to ministry. I know this first-hand because I received a clear Call when I was only 7 years old. I remember being Called as if it happened yesterday. I attended a Kids Crusade at my home church when God spoke to me, “This is what I want you to do with your life.” I am so grateful for my lead pastor’s vision to put this event together, promote it, and support it, even though as the only paid staff of a small church he had countless other responsibilities.

I remember praying each night for many years that God would help me to become what He had Called me to become. I distinctly remember my pastor’s wife asking me to help her in Kids Church by performing as a puppeteer around the age of 11. The little Zebra hand puppet named Felicia was the initial tool God used to show me how much I loved the opportunity to help lead. Thankfully, she saw something in me, worked with me, and allowed me to taste the joy of serving. That experience is exactly what I have tried to facilitate over and over again in the lives of others throughout my ministry career.

Are you creating environments where a child can hear God’s voice? Teaching kids to know the Holy Spirit and making space in your services for Him to speak to quieted hearts is vital.

Dan, a children’s pastor friend of mine once told me God had reprimanded him in his personal time of prayer, “I want to call kids in your church to become missionaries and you won’t let me.” As you can imagine, Dan changed things in his ministry dramatically.

If we are aware that God wants to Call kids to ministry, then it’s important that we not only plan our services accordingly, but also create environments where those who are called have the opportunity to grow and serve in ministry leadership.

It’s amazing what kids can do when someone believes in them, gives them an opportunity, and trains and coaches them. The sky is truly the limit. It is true, you will need to invest time in them to see them succeed, but I promise that your investment will eventually pay tremendous dividends both in their spiritual and leadership growth and your own personal ministry.

I have spent my ministry career developing young people so they too can experience the joy of serving in ministry. What I have found is those who get truly connected to serving in ministry leadership positions as young people are never satisfied to sit on the sidelines and watch church happen. They have discovered serving draws them closer to God and brings them a great feeling of accomplishment and joy.

Some are Called to full-time ministry, but many more will fill volunteer leadership positions in church for years to come.

The simple truth is as Christians we need to serve even more than we are needed by the church to assist with ministry. I encourage you to make a strategic plan that allows kids to serve in ministry, then invest in training them to succeed. When a young person is involved you will see them grow and thrive. 

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